Luton Sports Network

Luton Sports Network

Luton Sports Network’s grants programme will provide support to individuals, sports clubs and organisations for the promotion and development of amateur and open sport. This includes grants for coaching qualifications.

Grants are not given to meet the costs of “routine sport” e.g. personal kit or equipment, membership / affiliation fees etc. nor to professional sports people i.e. those earning a living through sport. Funding will not be granted for courses that are undertaken for financial gain. Schools and similar educational establishments are also not eligible to apply for grants, however the Sports Network may be able to provide advice and assistance in applying for other sources of grant aid.

In 2009/10 priority will be given to grant applications for developments involving those groups currently under- represented, specifically young people; disabled people; women/girls; ethnic communities; and older people.

In order to be eligible to apply for a grant from Luton Sports Network, the applicant must fulfil the following criteria:-

1.Be an individual who resides within Luton Borough Council boundaries, or plays / coaches regularly within a Luton club OR be a sports club / organisation that is Luton based and has their home venue within the borough boundaries
2.Be involved in any sport that is recognised by Sport England and is working to ensure more equitable participation.

The Sports Network has limited funds available to distribute, and wishes to support as many individuals, sports clubs and organisations as possible. Individuals and projects will be fully / partially funded depending on the circumstances of the application.

In addition, applicants will also receive advice and support on other sources of funding available. In circumstances where an applicant may be able to apply elsewhere, Luton Sports Network may reserve the right to defer a decision until the outcome of the other application is known.
Luton Sports Network will publish a list of successful applicants for promotional purposes. Successful applicants will also be required to provide a written report on the use of the grant, together with receipts where appropriate, to the Luton Sports Network.

For more information (including full grants criteria) and to apply, go to the Luton Sports Network website at