RCL Clubs

Netball East’s Regional Clubs League comprises of two divisions both competing on a home and away basis. Division one teams are competing to be champions, also gaining entry into the National playoff entry tournament, with success resulting in promotion to the England Netball premier league. Division two teams are aiming for promotion into division one to progress through to premier as their final goal.

Division 1 teams:

Billericay - Tina Smith

Crosskeys - Paula Luxford

Eastwood - John Pitts

Grangers 1- Michelle Rooney

Ipswich Ladies - Gwen Foster

MK Netters Gold - Sachel Grant

Team Beds - Janet Sears

Tegate - Katie Ings

Thoroughbreds - Sharon Lincoln

Turnford - Carole Titmuss


Division 2 teams:

Bears - Sue Kane

Belton Ladies - Patricia Allen

Christchurch Ladies - Susan Bailey

Comberton - Joan Rolfe

Crosskeys - Paula Luxford

Grangers 2- Michelle Rooney

Hatfield Hawks - Pauline Mowbray -

Norfolk Utd - Vanessa Coulson

Star - Cathy Chart

Watford Premier - Jenny Hawkins