Funding Eligibility


Projects run with Sportivate funding must meet the following criteria:

  • The project must be for people in the age range 11-25 year old (though some other people can join-in, they are not eligible to be funded).
  • The project should target those young people not regularly doing activity or only doing minimal activity (the ‘semi-sporty’).
  • The project must not be used to continue existing activity for those already engaged.
  • The project should be coached or led by an appropriately qualified and experienced person and be community focused.
  • The project should run for a minimum six sessions and all participants must have access to all six.
  • The project should normally consist of one hour sessions held in six consecutive weeks.
  • The Sportivate project must lead to a viable local exit route where participants can continue the activity e.g. local sports club etc.
  • Sportivate funding must be either a new initiative or be over and above any current provision ie cannot be funding something that is going to happen anyway.



Sportivate funding CAN cover:

  • Staffing to deliver projects i.e. coaches, leaders etc.
  • Hire of facilities used to deliver the activities.
  • Marketing and publicity of Sportivate activities including website pages, design time, printing.
  • Providing expenses for volunteers who help to run activities.
  • Transportation costs - to get participants and/or coaches to activities.
  • Training / Coaching Courses to develop a workforce needed to run / sustain the activity. Equipment *

*Wherever possible, Sportivate courses should make use of existing equipment through loan or partnership funding.  Any equipment purchases will be at the discretion of team Beds & Luton and in agreement with Sport England, and at a maximum cost of 10 % of the project cost. All equipment purchased must be passed-on to the exit route organisation to sustain activity, unless retained to deliver further project activity. (Please note that due to the increase in funding requests in 2012 the amount of money that can be used to spend on equipment has reduced)

Sportivate funding CANNOT cover:

  • Overheads (storage of equipment, insurance and asset register maintenance)
  • Retrospective activities (activities that have already started or completed)
  • Items purchased before funding is offered
  • Statutory items – e.g. booster seats
  • Buildings, refurbishment or maintenance costs
  • Contingency costs – replacing damaged equipment etc
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Projects that have no clear community/sustainable exit route
  • Projects that are insufficiently targeted
  • Projects that maintain existing activity or are for talent development/raising performance



The standard maximum amount of funding available for Sportivate projects in Beds & Luton is £30 per participant for the full six week course (ie £5 per head, per session).  Higher amounts may be available where these can be justified.

Funding applications should be based on the number of participants expected to be ‘retained’ by the project ie attending five or more of the six sessions. Therefore, if it is anticipated that 10 participants will be retained, the approximate total cost should be no more than £300. Any additional costs will need to be covered by partnership funding either in cash, in kind, or through contributions from the participants. (It is strongly advised that participants are charged at least a minimum contribution towards the activity to establish a culture of self-support and to generate perceived value).

Funding awards for successful projects will be made in two parts. The first 50% can be made available at the start of the project on return of the signed Partnership Agreement. The final 50% payment will be made at the conclusion of the project and after the completion of all agreed monitoring and evaluation data.

NB. Funding payments may be reduced or reclaimed if the full M&E information is not provided within the dates agreed.



It is the responsibility of the funding applicant, ‘the Provider’, to recruit the participants for the project activities. Where recruitment falls short of the target number, team Beds & Luton should be informed immediately and adjustments may be made to the funding allocated.

Experience shows that average retention (across all sports and activities) is often only 50% of the estimated figure. Applicants are reminded that retained participants refer to those attending 5:6 or 6:7 sessions. Activities and sports that young people have common access may need to find an extra edge to make the project attractive. The imaginative use of incentives and events etc can make a major difference to retention levels. Offering a discounted membership to the community club/ exit route may be worth considering.

Please note: The objective of Sportivate projects should always be to actively recruit and retain young people into ongoing activity, not simply to stage activity and hope that participants attend.  Whilst a major part of the funding may go towards the provision of coaching, Sportivate is not intended to be used simple as an income stream for coaches and deliverers.