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Monday 21st January

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Monday 21st January

What is Gym / Health Club?

Indoor centre for exercise

A gym is an indoor centre for exercise that normally contains a combination of cardiovascular machines and weights machines. The cardiovascular machines often include indoor rowing machines, stationary exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and treadmills. The weights area of gym normally consists of both free weight and exercise machines. Most gyms will also offer group exercise classes ran by certified fitness instructors.


Attend a gym/health club can help you to expend calories, build muscle and increase cardiovascular fitness. The benefits you gain from the gym depend on what exercise you perform and how hard you work.


Gyms vary alot in price from £10.99 a month to £75 a month.


To attend the gym suitable footwear should be worn for support, particularly when using high impact machines such as the treadmill.

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