Amy Eymor

I have never been a runner, I was one of the gang who hid in the ditches waiting for them all to come back around, and then join in at the back. Swimming and cycling was my thing, at a push.

Time went on, I had two children and unfortunately I am one of those mums who is unlucky enough to keeps hold of the baby weight so I wanted to try and do something to get fit. My husband works in London, so it had to be something quick, easy and maintainable.

A friend was a keen runner and suggested the C25k app and I get into running that way as I could literally leave the house when hubby returned and be back in half an hour.

I laughed, a lot as per previous comments, I am not a runner.

She nagged, I said No, she nagged, I said No…. eventually ending with me downloading the app and starting it just to prove her wrong.

Nine weeks later, to my amazement, I have completed the programme and off to do my first Parkrun at Great Denham.

I achieved it without stopping, in a grand time of 40 mins but I did it and I kept doing it. I had a new love.

I am not fast, far from it, but I do it, I complete it and I get that buzz. I have also learnt running is my time, my space and a world where I can switch off.

I completed Love Luton 10k last year and loved it, I'm going back this year.

It's also a big birthday for me in Sept so I have daringly signed up for Bedford Half the day after the big birthday. That's what drinking wine and having great ideas does!!

I've not lost loads of weight (I get annoyed at faces when I say I run 3 times a week and they look surprised) truth is, I like my wine and cheese too much in life. Maybe if I pushed myself harder, I would but I don't want to stop enjoying my running journey.

I do have bad weeks, where I hate it, I look for any excuse not to go…. but I see them through and get back on it the following week.

It's not about time, distance or speed….I do it, and that's what matters to me!