What is the Wellbeing Games?

The Bedfordshire wellbeing games is a community event delivered by a collaborating of partners and lead by EAST LONDON FOUNDATION TRUST. The aim of the event is to create a comfortable space for everyone to get involved in sport and fitness to benefit their mental and physical health.

We want this event to be fully inclusive for everyone so each person has an opportunity to engage in sport but also get information on how to continue with these opportunities in their local area. This is an event for the whole of Bedfordshire and anyone who would like to try a fitness class or a new sport to increase their activity levels, come along and give it ago.

What is taking place at the Wellbeing Games?

- Yoga!

- Zumba!

- Spin!

- Boxercise!

- Seated Yoga! Beat The Goalie

- Badminton

- Rowing Competition

- Basketball

- Swimming


What to do on the day:

Please sign in at the events desk in the reception area of the leisure centre, there will be a friendly welcoming face to point you in the right direction and pass you over to one of our volunteers to take you to the specific area you would like to attend.

* Required Field

Registration of interest

this is need as some activities will have an age limit.