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Welcome to the new way to be active!

We are always looking for new ways to be active, and this time we think we've found a brilliant way to get active and find new places!

Geocaching will take you to places you've never been that could be right on your doorstep! Download the app, find teamBEDS&LUTON caches, then tell us all about it! The more you log, the more chance you have of winning prizes through teamBEDS&LUTON.

What is it?

Geocaching will have you hunting for caches left, right and centre. All you need to do is follow the location on the mobile app (for FREE!), then keep you eyes peeled for a box or capsule that could be any shape or size! A cache could be big, small, high or low, and they may even have a teamBEDS&LUTON goodie inside.

There are hundreds of caches all over Bedfordshire, and the world! They are out there for you to find and enjoy, but remember to leave them exactly where you found it, so the next geocacher can enjoy it as well.

Just click on our Info Pack below and you can get started!

Here are the basics...

Cheesy yes, but this short video gives you a flavour for the variety of caches available all over the world!

Why do it?

The benefits of physical activity and sport extend well beyond physical health! You'll be active in your own community, interacting with local people, and developing personal skills!

You'll also be saving the county some money too, they say inactivity costs the UK £20 billion a year! So you'll be doing your little bit, no matter how much Geocaching you do.

What's in it for me?

1. You will be more ACTIVE

2. You can WIN prizes

3. You can EXPLORE Bedfordshire

4. You can take your FRIENDS or FAMILY

5. You will have FUN and feel better for it too!

Download our info pack

Time to log you cache...

Please tell us when you find a cache on Bedfordshire! Log 5 caches and you could win prizes!

Log your cache here!

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Name, email, DOB:

Where is bedfordshire did you find you cache? Up a hill? In a town Centre? In a park? Let us know!

We would like to know a little more about you. Are you an active person? We want more people to be more active across Bedfordshire, so if you are active or not, we want to know! We measure activity in days. So if you have been active for 30 minutes once in the last twenty eight, you have been active for one day.

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