Helen Bliss

"Up until the end of 2016, I had never ran. At school I would do anything to get out of PE lessons.

Over the years I have dipped in and out of aerobics, had the odd stint at going to the gym but never stuck at it. I finally decided that I had to do something to change my nutritional habits and also to be more active. I was at that time a member of a gym but not actually using it. They had a new PT who contacted me, I joined her transformation scheme, which has been life changing. I have made lots of like minded friends and we have entered lots of challenges and have a Parkrun group. Each Thursday one of us asks who is running at the weekend- we inspire, encourage and support each other, encouraging new members all the time. I have this year managed to run the whole route, once with a friend and last week on my own. This is an amazing achievement for me, I actually enjoy taking part, love to encourage others and intend to join the Parkrun for as long as I can."