Keeping Your Child Safe in Sport and Physical Activity

Keeping Your Child Safe in Sport and Physical Activity

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Keeping your child safe during sport and physical activity is so important and as Parents/Carers we play a vital role in this. We all want children and young people to enjoy sport and physical activity and have fond memories of this experience.

Below are three simple questions you can ask a teacher, club, organisation etc. to provide you with peace of mind. We shouldn't feel uncomfortable asking these questions and the more they are asked the more normal it becomes.

The CPSU has created a section on their website specifically to help with sign-posting Parents and Carers to all the advice they require in keeping their child safe in sport, choosing safe clubs and activities for them to participate in and making sure you are supporting your child in a positive way.

CPSU Parents and Carers Hub

If you're a coach or sports club, you can find further information on engaging with parents on our parents in sport topic page.

Free E-Learning Course for Parents and Carers

The CPSU have designed a free e-learning course that will take 10 minutes to complete. This course will help you to understand your role as a Parent/Carer and where to go if you have any concerns or worries.

What's covered?

  • knowing when something is wrong
  • poor practice vs abuse in sport
  • recognising the signs
  • listening to children
  • speaking out in sport

Worried about a Child?

NSPCC HELPLINE - 0808 800 5000

Information for Parents and Carers