Lets Go Rahh! Play, creativity and movement to feel good

Let's Get Going is a Community Interest Company that thrives on making a difference. They provide a range of services designed to increase the emotional well-being of individuals through connecting with their core feelings. Their philosophy is feeling good is the key to empowering yourself. They work with individuals, and families to achieve this goal. Through gentle movements, music, fun, games, creativity and 'feeling' what feels good to you.

Let's Get Going is led by Emma Foxley who has worked with the Women's Refuge and other local agencies who are able to connect families with her that would benefit from a really supportive exercise programme.

Emma's approach is very different to general physical activity sessions as her classes are all about movement and being creative together. This help families address many of the challenges that life may be throwing at them due to being either a one parent family, on a low income or not active generally. Her inspiring approach encourages playful parenting. Shifting your mindset so that after the session you feel uplifted and more able to deal with your day.

By making a difference in the early years, Emma believes the family will incorporate movement, making and feeling positive together as part of their daily lives. Appreciating their bodies, building up their fitness and strength because it feels good. Preventing many long term mental and physical health issues that can occur due to poor fitness and a sedentary lifestyle.




  • People with long term health conditions
  • Women and girls
  • Low Socio Economic Groups



What activities were on offer?

  • Lets go Rahh! A 12 week programme of virtual sessions
    • The weekly sessions were delivered by an instructor and involve movement, music, active play and creative engagement (designed for all abilities ideal for ages 1-5+)
  • In addition to offering weekly sessions movement packs were sent to the families. The contents of the pack include:
    • Tissue paper and card to create rainbows and flowers,
    • Homemade bubble mixture and wands,
    • Plasticine for strengthening fingers and thumbs,
    • Chalks for creating on the pavement,
    • Fabric strips to create wheat bags to throw,
    • lavender bags all to enhance wellbeing.

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