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Muir Gray talks about Live Longer Better

Sir Muir Gray is the founder of the Live Longer Better movement. Here he talks about Live Longer Better

About Muir Gray

​Muir Gray entered the Public Health Service by joining the City of Oxford Health Department in 1972 after qualifying in medicine in Glasgow, the city of his birth

The first phase of his professional career in 1971 focused on disease prevention, for example on helping people stop smoking. He also developed a local, then national programme of work to promote health in old age, at a time before the implications of population ageing had been recognised. Based on work in Oxford he developed a number of national initiatives, particularly designed to prevent hospital admission and facilitate hospital discharge, including preventing hypothermia, publishing a Fabian Society report on the relationship between housing and poverty and the excess winter death, that took place in the United Kingdom. He was the Secretary of ASH Action on Smoking and Health.

Then he developed all the screening programmes in the NHS, for pregnant women, children, adults and older people for example offering managed sixty-five screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm and, for both men and women, screening for colorectal cancer. He also developed services to bring knowledge to patients and professionals. Working on the principle that the delivery of clean clear knowledge was analogous to the provision of clean clear water he saw the organisation and delivery of knowledge as a public health service, for example developing NHS Choices, which now has over 40 million visits a month, and setting up the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine in Oxford. During this period he was appointed as the Chief Knowledge Officer of the NHS and was awarded both a CBE and later a Knighthood for services for the NHS.

He is a Visiting Professor in Knowledge Management in the Nuffield Department of Surgery, and a Professor in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences where he leads work on Evidence Based Medicine and Value He set up charities to promote urban walking and an Oxford based Centre for Sustainable Healthcare. He set up the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare and Better Value Healthcare and has published a series of How To Handbooks for example, How `to Get Better Value Healthcare, How To Build Healthcare Systems and How To Create the Right Healthcare Culture. His hobby is ageing and how to cope with it.