Marjorie Austin

I have chronic asthma and COPD and although I have always been fairly active (dancing, gym, swimming, etc) and have done Race for Life, I have not been a runner. My oldest son was inspired to do a Parkrun by a friend - as part of his (successful) weight loss regime. His Home Parkrun was short of volunteers in February 2018 and I started to volunteer. After a few weeks, I thought I would have a go at doing the run. Since then, I have 'got the bug' and do Parkrun most Saturdays. I am about to get my 25 volunteers T shirt and my 50 runs T shirt. I am pretty slow, and walk briskly more than I jog, but I still do it and am pleased with myself.
When we are away, my husband and I try to do a local Parkrun, and to date have run in Australia, as well as other locations in the UK.

My husband and I belong to a local church and have inspired a number of other church members - of varying ages - to join Parkrun.

I love parkrun as you great sense of achievement at the end of the run. Also just like being out in the air, with a group of people who are very mixed - age, fitness and ability. The achievement of actually completing a 5k walk or run is extremely good for our sense of wellbeing, helping people with mental health issues, as well as physical health issues. The provision of a Tail Walker, as well as the marshals on the route, provide much needed encouragement for people tentatively venturing on Parkrun for the first time, and the encouragement they themselves receive, encourages them to bring other family members, friends, colleagues, to Parkruns in the future.