Moving Forwards Together

Moving Forwards Together

Our New Strategy

Our Priorities

We are delighted to share our new strategy "Moving Forwards Together" which will raise the profile of physical activity as a tool to improve lives, create inclusive, safe opportunities and build community resilience across, Bedfordshire and Luton.

Over the next 5 years we will focus our efforts on our key priorities:

PEOPLE DRIVEN: Community orientated. Engage with leaders, influencers, and role models to identify a new workforce to champion PA as well as supporting the existing workforce.

PLACES: Protect, enhance existing and develop new facilities that better meet the needs of our audiences.

NEW AUDIENCES: Engaging and building relationships with communities who struggle the most to be physically active.

SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES: Helping the sector to sustain itself, improve and flourish.

How we will do this?

  • Identify the challenges and opportunities.
  • Advocate for physical activity as a tool to improve lives and build community resilience.
  • Influence and support the system to ensure that physical activity is part of the solution.

Find out more information:

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