BLOG: No Golf, No Pizza

BLOG: No Golf, No Pizza

Posted: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 14:04

BLOG: No Golf, No Pizza

Week two and despite a few of my shots skimming the hole, I failed to sink a single solitary putt. The intention to take on some extra practice during the week was there but with one excuse after another it never really materialised.

This week the scene was set. As Wednesday, my day off, came around I found myself with a surprisingly short to-do list. The sun was beaming down, I was all ready to go… and then I didn't.

There was no excuse, absolutely none. I couldn't moan about the weather, lack of time or having to work. I instead put myself through the torturous ordeal of a Pizza Express lunch. Now I'm a huge fan of Pizza Express normally but when your heart is telling you to eat a whole Polla Forza on a Romana base and your waist is saying 'go for the salad' it is not a fun experience.

I went for the salad. At least I succeeded at something that day.

Last week as we moved on to chipping, I'm delighted to say that I actually showed a bit of promise. It looked nothing like it does on the telly but the ball landed on the green and our coach, Adrienne, seemed pleased. She even tweeted me to remind me to put this in my next blog so here it is!

This week I vow to practice, practice, practice and if I do I may just treat myself to a Pollo Forza (or two).

Until next week.


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