Crowdfunding – Exciting Funding Developments for Bedfordshire Based Projects!

Crowdfunding – Exciting Funding Developments for Bedfordshire Based Projects!

Posted: Fri, 25 Nov 2016 15:27

Crowdfunding – Exciting Funding Developments for Bedfordshire Based Projects!

Our crowdfunding product is now available for use by all sports and physical activity related projects across Bedfordshire. To find out more on this exciting new development and what it means for you and your organisation please read on..

Many of you will recall that back in February of this year teamBEDS&LUTON launched our very own Crowdfunding website for the benefit of sport and physical activity projects in Bedfordshire, in partnership with charitable organisation Podium Partners.

A small number of projects have taken advantage of the facility and raised significant sums with the benefit of adding 25% towards the total amount raised on each donation eligible for gift aid. We are delighted to advise that the opportunity for projects to take advantage of this fundraising option has been significantly increased through a broadening of the eligible activities that can be funded through this source.

Full details are available via the following link The key message however is that we can now accept applications from any person or organisation where the purpose of the campaign is to "educate, develop and improve" through sport those taking part (where sport is defined as all types of physical activity that people do to keep healthy or for enjoyment) Practically this opens up all sorts of new horizons. It could be a campaign to get elderly people more active through Nordic Walking, or ethnic minority women playing football or disadvantaged kids enjoying cricket and so on.

The application process is the same as before: apply on line and then all being well a few weeks later you can be up and running accepting donations from the crowd. And don't forget, because the organisation that administers the scheme are a charity, they can add Gift Aid to all donations turning £100 into £125 with Gift Aid (this applies even if YOU are not a charitable entity)

What are you waiting for? To find out more, contact Podium Partners direct or give Graham Simpson a call at teamBEDS&LUTON on 01582 813762 or email

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