Share your post-baby fitness journey with THIS GIRL CAN

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Share your post-baby fitness journey with THIS GIRL CAN

Posted: Thu, 24 May 2018 14:38

Share your post-baby fitness journey with THIS GIRL CAN

We know from speaking to new mums that getting back to activity after post pregnancy can be a difficult time. Even if you've been active before, your body may have changed, you might have stitches or scars or you might just be too flipping tired! The important thing is you're doing it at your pace.

We are looking for new mums, who've had babies in March and April, to share with us how they have felt about activity during and after having their babies. We want to show other mums that despite what we might be told by some media, new mums don't magically get back to a full gym workout as soon as they've finished their six week check. It can be tough starting over, life can get in the way and you might not feel ready or able to do what you did before.

You might remember Stephanie in our last ad – she went to a mum and baby class, which was great for feeling supported by other new mums and to help her feel like herself again but some days she only managed to get to the class and then sit at the back and watch. It's these sort of real and honest stories that help other women feel confident and supported to do their thing at their pace./

If you're happy to share your story with THIS GIRL CAN and with other women through our website, social media and carefully-selected media interviews, please get in touch with us. We'll handle your story carefully and we'd love you to help us help inspire other mums with your story.

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