Looking for bespoke training? Speak to team BEDS&LUTON

Looking for bespoke training? Speak to team BEDS&LUTON

Posted: Thu, 27 Sep 2018 11:34

Looking for bespoke training? Speak to team BEDS&LUTON

Does your club or organisation have a requirement to provide qualified First Aiders or safeguarding certificates? If so, then team BEDS&LUTON can help you facilitate this.

We provide regular opportunities for individuals from clubs and charities to continually develop, but we can also offer bespoke courses for organisations specifically that might need to train a whole workforce. Our two main training opportunities include Emergency First Aid and Safeguarding and Protecting Children which are both certified qualifications.

Emergency First Aid:

Our Emergency First Aid is suitable for both sports clubs and the work environment, it is certified by the Royal Life Savers Association and delivered by team BEDS&LUTON. This is the standard six hour course that is required by most organisations and accompanies Level two coaching qualifications. Candidates on the course will be introduced to:

  • The Principals of First Aid.
  • The Qualities and Responsibilities of a First Aider.
  • Hygiene & Personal Safety.
  • Contents of the First Aid Container.
  • Dealing with an Unconscious Breathing casualty (The Recovery Position).
  • Dealing with Unconscious Not Breathing casualties (Including CPR & Defibrillator).
  • Recognising and dealing with Common Types of injury (including shock, head injuries, fractures, wounds and bleeding, circulatory and respiratory problems).

Safeguarding and Protecting Children:

This workshop is certified by UK Coaching and is a requirement for sports clubs and organisations. This is a very popular workshop and is designed to inform and educate attendees throughout the three hours. By completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • Review your own practice to ensure that it complies with advocated and recognised codes of conduct.
  • Identify your values and feelings in relation to child abuse and recognise how these might potentially impact on your responses.
  • Recognise signs and indicators of child abuse and understand the impact of abuse on children and vulnerable adults.
  • Respond in an appropriate way to children and vulnerable adults who disclose that they are being abused.
  • Take appropriate action if concerns are raised that suggest a child and vulnerable adult is being abused.

For information about running a bespoke course with your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact Bert Klemmer on: bert@teambedsandluton.co.uk

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