Don’t miss out on funding opportunities in Luton for community physical activity projects!

Don’t miss out on funding opportunities in Luton for community physical activity projects!

Posted: Mon, 15 Oct 2018 10:11

Don’t miss out on funding opportunities in Luton for community physical activity projects!

Are you looking to develop a physical activity project that will support local communities? If so, the Community Activity Network (CAN) fund may be able to help you.

CAN supported by Luton Council aims to support community based organisations to develop, grow, and sustain physical activity in their local areas, and is inviting applications for funding. There will be three funding rounds per year, with the deadline dates for applications as follows:

30 October 2018
31 December 2018
31 March 2019

Funding can be used for courses and training relevant to the project, venue hire, and towards equipment costs. Successful applicants will be informed within one month after the deadline date.

Organisations can apply for a maximum funding of £500 for projects match funded or up to £250 for projects without match funding, towards a community based physical activity project and in particular that supports:

  • People classified as physically 'inactive'.
  • Women particularly from Black and minority ethnic communities, and girls (aged 14-16).
  • People on low income and those living in areas of social deprivation.
  • Primary school aged children (aged 5-10).
  • Adolescents and young men (aged 16-25) particularly those who are classified as 'not in education, employment or training' and/or engaged in anti-social activity.
  • Disabled people (with a further focus on those with multiple impairments).
  • Older adults at higher risk of deteriorating frailty levels and developing long term health conditions.

The CAN fund can't be used for travel costs, expenses, educational facilities i.e. private schools, council funded centres, core sports eg football and items already purchased. Projects currently funded by the council are also not eligible.

In order to accurately assess the impact of the fund, a robust feedback process is in place, which will require recipients to state how the fund has helped them to achieve their goals, as well as provide brief financial information.

Cllr Rachel Hopkins, portfolio holder for public health, said: "If you are a local group or organisation with a great idea of helping local people get active but need help to get your initiative off the ground get in touch with the Community Activity Network. Not only could you be eligible for funding but they can also help you network with other groups and signpost you to providers who can support you.

"The Community Activity Network aims to help reduce the barriers to participation and support the council's strategic goal of reducing inactivity to help tackle residents' long term health conditions."

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