She Rallies Course Coming to Bedford!

She Rallies Course Coming to Bedford!

Posted: Mon, 08 Oct 2018 09:56

She Rallies Course Coming to Bedford!

Riverside Tennis Club is hosting a She Rallies Course on 14th October at 4pm and registration is free! Judy Murray has been instrumental In the programme and you can check out more info HERE.

The course is open to anyone looking to help run sessions or just those interested in empowering women's sport: teenage players, parents, coaches & teachers - sign up below….

Aims to increase the number of teen girls trying tennis and keeping them in the game by providing teachers, students, club members, parents and sports/youth leaders with lots of individual, paired and team activities for developing the skills needed to play tennis, along with many fun games that provide a basic introduction to tactical doubles play and court positioning.

Teen tennis does not require a tennis court and will focus on delivering to big numbers in whatever space is available. This course will make our sport both simple and fun to deliver, in schools, parks and clubs.

Neil Frankel
Director of Coaching
Riverside Tennis Club
Goldington Road
MK40 3EA

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