Latest updates from Sport England

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Latest updates from Sport England

Posted: Fri, 26 Jul 2019 11:55

Latest updates from Sport England

New OCSI Local Insight Tool

The Sport England Local Insight Tool, which replaces the Local Sport Profile Tool, is now live.

The tool, powered by OCSI Local Insight mapping, enables users to visualise Sport England data at the local level. On top of this, users can also map dozens of other open data sources, providing insight into a wide range of socio-economic and demographic data down to the neighbourhood scale.

There is also the opportunity to download reports tailored to each local area, summarising the socio-economics of the area in comparison to England as a whole.

With these local data sources in combination, we hope the tool will provide further support to help local partners understand their communities better, target resources effectively and tailor services to meet local needs.

To compliment the tool, they have produced a detailed user guide (find attached). If you have any questions, feedback or ideas for what data to include in the future, please email

New Planning for Sport Guidance

Sport England have recently published new guidance to help the planning system provide opportunities for all to take part in sport and be physically active. The guidance builds on the importance the Government, and its National Planning Policy Framework, places on enabling and supporting healthy lifestyles through planning policies and decisions.

They hope the guidance will be a useful resource for all involved in, or looking to engage with, the planning system. Please take a look (links below) and help the planning system embrace the 12 planning-for-sport principles it presents.

News Story:

The 'Planning for Sport' webpage which includes the new 'Planning for Sport Guidance':

If you would like more help and guidance on any of the updates above please contact us

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