Free course 'Coaching others to coach' now available by The Open University

Free course 'Coaching others to coach' now available by The Open University

Posted: Fri, 16 Aug 2019 13:53

Free course 'Coaching others to coach' now available by The Open University

Are you responsible for helping coaches to learn and develop? Do you consider yourself to be a coach developer, a coach educator, a mentor, a tutor or somebody else who just wants to support coaches and enable them to become the best coach they can be?

This free course by the Open University is designed to support people like you. It is a course dedicated to developing the people who develop the coaches. It is particularly intended to support people who are just beginning to support coaches or those who want to develop their expertise in the role further.

The course is introduced by Lucy Moore and Stuart Armstrong of Sport England. Lucy is a Coach Development Manager and Stuart is Head of Coaching and Professional Workforce. Both are active coaches and coach developers. Listen to what they have to say about the course.

You will cover topics that examine how coaches learn, why it is important to build effective relationships, how to ask good questions and listen actively, how your status can influence the process of learning, and the skill of observing and providing feedback to coaches. You will also discover how coaches describe the qualities of an effective coach developer and how you can learn to improve the support you provide to coaches. By the end of the course, you should be more confident in your ability to support coaches and guide them towards developing their practice.

This course is also beneficial to those who develop, educate and train other people in the sport, exercise and physical activity sector. The course content will be relevant in supporting the learning and development of fitness instructors, officials, teaching assistants, sports leaders, activators and other volunteers.

The development of this course has been supported by a grant from Sport England and it contributes towards achieving the aims and aspirations of the Coaching Plan for England and The Professional Workforce Strategy for England .

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