Increased measures in Luton to prevent the spread of COVID-19- Recreational Cricket

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Increased measures in Luton to prevent the spread of COVID-19- Recreational Cricket

Posted: Tue, 28 Jul 2020 13:11

Increased measures in Luton to prevent the spread of COVID-19- Recreational Cricket

Update regarding increased measures in Luton

On Friday 24th July Cricket East released a statement on the news that the Borough of Luton was returning to Step 3 of the ECB's Roadmap for Recreational Cricket. This decision was made following increased measures introduced by Luton Borough Council to reduce the chances of a second lockdown locally following an increase in coronavirus cases.

Full guidance on what measures are in place in Luton can be found via the link below

Temporary measures to prevent further spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Luton

Whilst this link does not mention cricket specifically, Cricket East have been in regular communication with Luton Borough Council and are in full agreement that a move to Step 3 is in the best interest of public safety, to minimise risk alongside other measures recently introduced.

The ECB are also fully aware of the situation and are involved in the ongoing talks to monitor the situation within the Town of Luton, and where cricket sits in relation to the measures currently in place.

Below are some frequently asked questions we are receiving.

Can I still train?

Yes, in small groups (up to 6) in line with the ECB's guidelines issued during Step 3 of the ECB's Roadmap, which can be found here.

Step 3 Guidelines Around Use of Outdoor Nets in Small Groups

If I live within the Borough of Luton, can I travel to play for my club outside of the Town?

No, unfortunately we advise against travelling to play for your club/team outside of the Borough of Luton at this point until measures are eased and Luton is able to move back to Step 4 of the ECB's Recreational Road Map. This minimises risk of the virus spreading outside of Luton whilst the number of cases remains high.

If I get tested and the result is negative, can I then play?

Unfortunately, no. Whilst testing is available and encouraged to those living within the Borough of Luton a negative test would not rule out the risk of transmitting the virus between your test and taking part in a game. There is increased testing capacity available in Luton, getting tested is an important way to protect your family and to protect Luton.

Book a Test

When will these restrictions be lifting meaning I can play cricket again?

These measures must be formally reviewed by 8 August. We are working with Luton Borough Council who are reviewing the data and will adjust control measures as required, such as arranging more local testing. Cricket East will be in regular contact with Luton Borough Council so that in line with other measures currently in place the situation around cricket in Luton can be reviewed.

Further frequently asked questions can be found on the Luton Borough Council website, available via the link below

FAQs on further coronavirus measures

We understand this is a frustrating time for Clubs, Leagues, and Cricketers throughout the Borough of Luton – and hope that we can move back to Stage 4 of the ECB Roadmap for Recreational Cricket once the situation eases.

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