Coaching campaign asks the nation to ‘Support Your Coach’

Coaching campaign asks the nation to ‘Support Your Coach’

Posted: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 17:16

Coaching campaign asks the nation to ‘Support Your Coach’

UK Coaching Week 2020 will take place from the 14-20 September.

The awareness campaign – which empowers athletes, coaches and the public to celebrate great coaching – will centre on the need to 'Support Your Coach', kicking off with the #GreatCoachingPledge that will call on the nation to give some of their own time, sharing thanks and support for the coaching community.


Coaches have been absolute heroes keeping us active, connected and motivated both before the coronavirus pandemic and during the period of isolation and disruption caused by the lockdown.

As restrictions are eased and more of us return to play, we will turn to coaches to integrate new controls to keep us all safe, so let's ensure that we recognise and support our coaches across the UK for the vital work that they do.

How Can I Get Involved?

Simply click the quick links below and follow the instructions to get started on your pledge.

To find out more about how to pledge, visit

UK Coaching Week 2020 will also be looking at the coaching community's effort to keep the nation physically and mentally active during the COVID-19 lockdown; the importance of parents supporting their children's coaches; and examining how great coaching delivers so many of those sporting moments that unite the nation.

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