The Great Coaching Comeback Survey Results for Bedfordshire

The Great Coaching Comeback Survey Results for Bedfordshire

Posted: Fri, 11 Jun 2021 13:31

The Great Coaching Comeback Survey Results for Bedfordshire

A total of 223 people in Bedfordshire took part in a survey ran by UK Coaching to investigate the impact of COVID-19 on the coaching workforce and to uncover what coaches need to get back to delivering great experiences of sport and physical activity and changing people's lives.

The survey ran from the end of February 2021 to the beginning of May 2021 and results showed that coaches in Bedfordshire were affected by the pandemic in several different ways, including being furloughed, reduced hours and in some cases, redundancy.

Most Bedfordshire coaches are currently running coaching sessions now, although most of these sessions are taking place in a virtual capacity. The coaches who took part in the survey noted several challenges they have faced in this time, such as keeping participants engaged in their sessions and motivated to continue, not being able to support young participants in developing certain skills and reduced access to facilities.

Respondents of this survey mostly stated that they were fairly confident they would return to their coaching sessions and many coaches stated that support in maintaining COVID-safe guidance would benefit them greatly in the coming months, as well as financial support and reopening facilities.

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