One Nation: Inspiring multi-generations to be active in Luton

One Nation wanted to provide a multi-generational family based approach to activity sessions for communities living in the Biscott and Saint wards of the Luton Borough. These areas are close to the town centre in Luton and One Nation believed the initiative would have a tremendous impact on the health and wellbeing of residents and help get them to return to/or embrace a more active and healthy lifestyle. They had seen first hand the huge negative impact on the physical activity levels of those within the Biscott and Saints communities.

What activities were on offer?
- Park based activity session of fitness and yoga for 20 participants which lasted for one hour 3 times a week. The aim being to help improve general fitness following the long lockdown period. These sessions proved very popular with the male community.

- An online high quality skipping rope training sessions via Zoom for the female members of the communities who felt more comfortable exercising at home.

One Nation believes that this program targeting each generation within the community in Luton would provide the call to action needed to help encourage residents back into a healthy active lifestyle.




  • Low Socio Economic Groups
  • Diverse Ethnic Communities



The Results - so far