Rebecca Hemmant-low

"I would probably class myself more as a plodder / jogger – I'm never going to win races, I'm just not built that way however I absolutely love being outdoors so walking and running are perfect for me. My plodding has been a great reason to get together with my sisters (fellow plodders) and friends and so the social side of running slowly and being able to catch up on the latest news is a key motivation. When I first started at parkrun I would probably only do it once every other month or so, the results emails were so inspiring that I slowly started to do more to the point now where I cant miss a week.

I love seeing familiar faces, I love bringing new people along, I love the variety of courses that we have here locally in that I can choose a flat course, a muddy course or even the hilly Dunstable Downs with amazing views. We are so lucky to have them on our doorstep.

Whether its as individuals, families, running with the dog or walking the 5k parkrun is a way to get outside, be part of a community, improve peoples health and on top of that – its free!

As a result of parkrun I have entered a number of other runs (not races šŸ˜Š) from 10k to a full (and very slow) marathon. I'm not competing against anyone else, I'm enjoying the benefits of running for ME. I have made new and unexpected friends from running and feel happier for everything that running brings me. If you want to know where I am on a Saturday morning – yep you guessed it šŸ˜Š