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Sportivate - Helping Young People in Bedfordshire Discover a Sport They Love!

We at teamBEDS&LUTON manage and deliver national programmes for young people across Bedfordshire, through and alongside our local partners Sport England.

Sportivate provides funding for the delivery of 6/8 weeks of sport and physical activity for anyone in the 11-25 age group in Bedfordshire. This enables young people from Bedford to Luton the opportunity to discover a sport they love, with little to no cost. It is a £56 million Lottery funded London 2012 legacy project and each year we are given a pot of funding which we can allocate to local Bedfordshire sports clubs and organisations that wish to put on a 6-8 week sporting activity.

There are currently 45 projects being delivered across Bedfordshire as well as 2 large innovation projects.

The first innovation project is the 'Fresh Start' programme, which provides funding to support additional coaching at a community gym in Luton. We are working with Active Luton and are targeting young females from the BME communities within Central Luton. Sportivate lead Tom Harwood said, "the project allowed further delivery at the gym and provided more opportunities to be active for local people."

The Adventure School Programme is working in partnership with The Princes Trust. It is providing 8 weeks' worth of opportunity for young Bedfordshire people to experience and enjoy the outdoors, participating in adventurous activities such as Canoeing, Paddle boarding, Kayaking, Orienteering and Bush Craft skills. Deliverer Richard Harpham, Canoe Trail, is delighted to be involved"The best adventure is the one that you take! These young people have built some great life skills and shown huge determination canoeing and kayaking throughout the winter months, this has helped them become more capable of undertaking their own adventures in the future".

Can my Bedfordshire club or organisation apply for funding?

Of course! We are looking for a wide range of exciting projects to fund. This year particular focus is being placed on female-only projects and the sustainability of projects after Sportivate Funding. Our handy information pack includes all the information you need to know including benefits to your club, eligibility criteria and how to recruit and retain participants. The deadline for applications is the 16th September 2016.

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Sportivate for Women and Girls

Apply now

We are now taking applications for funding of Bedfordshire Sporting projects to be delivered from October 2016 - March 2017. Project lead Tom Harwood is particularly keen to receive grant applications for Bedfordshire sporting projects that target new audiences, females and those with a disability. The deadline for applications to Tom is the 16th September 2016.

Before applying we do recommend getting in contact to avoid disappointment. To apply please download and complete the below form. Use one project sheet for each application you wish to make and ensure you follow the guidance notes.

Once completed please return to: tom@teambedsandluton.co.uk

Where do I start constructing my project?

We recommend that you look closely at the demand for your project. We have research documents readily available to help shape your project and hopefully engage with the right young people. It is important that Sportivate funding is used to encourage new participants that receive a positive experience.

Please CLICK HERE and have a look at Sport England's Youth Insight Pack. This document gives an in depth breakdown of where and why young people are likely to take part in physical activity. Using this document when designing your project could be the difference between ten new club members, or none at all.

If you have any questions about this piece of research please do not hesitate to ask us.

Please use one of the contacts for more information:

Sportivate Lead - Tom Harwood

Bedford Borough Sportivate - Mark Southam (mark.southam@bedford.gov.uk)

Central Bedfordshire Council Sportivate - Debra Marden (debra.marden@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk)

Active Luton - Catrina Lewis (catrina.lewis@activeluton.co.uk)

What next?

So you've been awarded Sportivate funding - download our Sportivate Toolkit to ensure your project goes without a hitch.

Tom Harwood

Tom Harwood

Sports Project Officer

Contact me about Sportivate, FE Sport and Get Back Into.

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01582 813764 / 07833664204

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