What is the Inspiring Young Lives Programme?

The Inspiring Young Lives Programmes involves physical activity projects for inactive children and young people in Bedfordshire and Luton. The programme offers new opportunities for children and young people to be active in a fun and social environment, helping to create positive experiences and promote active lifestyles.

As part of the programme, Inspiring Young Lives Projects are inspired by the children and young people's views and opinions in mind. The projects are positioned to support children and young people through potential points of disruption in their lives. For example, around adolescence or during school and college transitions when young people are at high risk of drifting away from physical activity.

Through the Inspiring Young Lives Programme, team BEDS&LUTON are aiming to increase the number of community organisations engaged and proactively providing opportunities to our priority audiences. This will in allow a greater awareness by organisations and community members of the activity offers across Bedfordshire and Luton. Through these development opportunities, we will ensure children and young people understand the benefits of exercise on physical and mental wellbeing.

Who is the Inspiring Young Lives Programme for?

The Inspiring Young Lives Programme is targeted at inactive children and young people across Bedfordshire and Luton ages between 5 to 25 years old. The programme has the aim of supporting them to become more physically active and develop an active lifestyle.

With the launch of Sport England's Strategy; 'Uniting the Movement' and the identification of the five big issues nationally, it is evident more work needs to be done to create positive experiences for children and young people to be active, specifically at an early age, helping to build the foundations of a healthy and more active lifestyle. We, team BEDS&LUTON have aligned the Inspiring Young Lives Programme to support the the following target audiences;

  • Lower Socio-Economic Groups
  • Disability
  • Culturally Diverse Communities
  • Long-Term Health Conditions

What are the benefits of being an Inspiring Young Lives Project provider?

  • Help to enhance the local sport and physical activity offering for children and young people across Bedfordshire and Luton.
  • Raise the profile of your community organisation.
  • Receive one to one support from team BEDS&LUTON in establishing and sustaining your Inspiring Young Lives project.
  • Gain valuable insight from children and young people within your local community by launching a project which is designed around their individual needs.
  • Recruit new members and participants at your community organisation.
  • Create new partnerships within your local community and across Bedfordshire and Luton.

What can the Inspiring Young Lives Fund be used for?

  • Coaching Costs
  • Venue Hire
  • Purchasing Equipment
  • Administration Costs
  • Upskilling your staff/participants with qualifications
  • Rewards for children and young people such as; water bottles, T-shirts, etc.

All costs incurred from the Inspiring Young Lives Programme MUST be agreed with the Children and Young People Officer prior to delivery commencing.

What we need from you:

  • An application form must be completed for the Inspiring Young Lives Project which will include a breakdown of costings.
  • A copy of your organisation's public liability insurance must be shown.
  • We require a risk assessment and COVID secure risk assessment which is specific for the Inspiring Young Lives Project.
  • Your organisation's up to date safeguarding policy and the information of the project's deliverer including sport specific qualifications.
  • We will require weekly Inspiring Young Lives Project registers to be completed and sent to our Children and Young People Officer on a regular basis.
  • All participants must complete a consent form before taking part in the Inspiring Young Lives Project and the forms must be sent to us.
  • Monitoring and evaluation forms are required to be completed by participants at the start of the project and throughout. A case study must also be produced by the end of the project.
  • Use of our accident/incident reporting procedures (where required).

Contact Us:

To find out more information about the Inspiring Young Lives Programme or how team BEDS&LUTON can support your organisation please contact our Children and Young People Officer.

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Katrina Down

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